about indieground

Indieground Design Inc. was founded in 2010 by Roberto Perrino. It all started just for fun, but the great response of the first customers encouraged Roberto to keep on working and become a better designer day by day. At first Indieground was well known for the high quality alternative flyer templates, but lately the collection of products started to including new items like album artworks, mockups, wordpress templates and other graphic design resources. After almost 5 years Indieground Design has now a wide collection of products, all created and curated by Roberto and his team of talended people. In these five years, more than 30'000 customers enjoyed saving time and money using our products, pushing us to keep on creating new designs in order to help people with our design skills. Don't hesitate and start now to enjoy all the service that we provide with all the love for graphic arts & design. Here's what you'll find on indieground.it:

Design Resources

You will find anything you need to save time and money with amazing design products. Print Templates, Wp Themes and many other resoucers.

Inspiration Blog

The new indieground.it will featured a daily-updated blog section about the graphic design world, with various topics and round-ups.

Talended Team

Hard work & talent is the combination of the Indieground Team. Creatives from all over the world that share the same vision & passion.